ūü§©ūü§©10 Best Ways to Earn Money from Facebook¬† Groups

10 Best Ways to Earn [1000$ ] money from Facebook  groups

  1. IF you have Followers in you Facebook group there are many ways to Monetize &  earn money from Facebook groups .But the main factors which will  help to earn money is Highly Targeted Traffic  & the information or services which will be Helpful for your Traffic  i.e.  (the people who are in you Facebook group).Here are some 10 Best Ways to Earn [1000$ ] money from Facebook  groups Genuine methods to earn money.


1.Earn money from Facebook  groups By Selling Your Own Products 

Selling your own products will be best idea for you as it is been for me. Let’s take a Example:-  Suppose Your Facebook group niche is Based  on Digital Marketing  so You can Sell your own  Digital Marketing Course or Digital Marketing Services . the Best Ways to Earn money from Facebook  groups

1.If I am Facebook Group Member How can i sell my products???

Most of us Have  No group or they have less member in their group, so we as member of other Facebook group directly Cannot Sell our own products in that group. So in this case we can

1.Pay to Group Admin To advertise our product in that Facebook group or

2.You can help the Facebook Group people by providing information , Solving their Quires & indirectly sell our products to them.

Earn Money from Facebook

 2.Earn money from Facebook  groups By Affiliate Marketing 

If You are Aware that affiliate marketing  is a type of Marketing in which you Become an AFFILIATE i.e. (Promoter) of a Product  & by selling that product  the Affiliate will receive some percent commission .

For  Example:-  If your Facebook Group Niche is Based on Smart Phones & Laptops. Suppose You Become  Amazon  Affiliate  and promoted Smart phone in your Facebook Group  , if some Person From your Facebook Group  will Buy Smart Phone from your link then  You will get Some Commission from it.

The Some Known companies to Become a Affiliate is

1.Click Bank

2.Warrior Plus

3.JV Zoo


  1. Flipkart

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Earn Money from Facebook

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3.Earn money from Facebook  groups By Charging Paid Membership

Yes This can also be an Good way to generate revenue .

Many of the Facebook Groups are free to join but very few group charge money .

The private Group Provides premium & exclusive  content, Solve queries,  Do Live stream , Creating Polls, Give tasks to enhance  their knowledge . The Paid membership generally should charge between 1$ Р10$.


4.Earn money from Facebook  groups By Collaborating With Brands 


Most of the brand  will approach to you or you should approach to them . . in this you have to Do marketing of their brand by posting their link & post  in your group .

For this the Brands will love to pay Some percentage or fixed fee. But the percentage or fixed money depends upon Your Niche , Your Group Members & how popular you group is there in you Niche.

5.Earn Money From Facebook Group  By Blogs & YouTube Channel

If you have good amount of traffic , . Here is the trick .   you can create a blog or YouTube channel Related to you Facebook Group Niche .

Start publishing your content in your blog and videos on YouTube  , after some time you can monetize with Google AdSense .

As if you have created these platform  you can send your Facebook Groups Traffic to your Blog & YouTube channel.  After the  Sometime  you will also get organic traffic  which will help you to earn more revenue .

6.Earn Money From Facebook Group By Facebook In Stream Ads

In Streams ads are the Ads placed in your Video content , This ads generate a good revenue But this is based on how much views and likes do you get .

it is easy to monetize but your content should  Catch People’s  Attention.  It will be Best if your Video Content  has  long  span.


7.Earn Money From Facebook Group By CPA Marketing

CPA is nothing But  Cost Per Acquisition. That means if you get email or Lead from person you will be paid on each lead .

Example :- Suppose if you want to do CPA marketing you must join a CPA Network  , in that network there will different companies with their product. Make sure that the product is related to your niche So there will be high chances to get lead.

After that you join any relevant CPA Network  & Become an Affiliate of that network . Then start sending your traffic to their network landing page , and on every lead you will get paid.

But this depends upon different counties , as the rate varies from countries to countries.  Make sure you divert quality traffic & remove spammers from your traffic.


8.Earn Money From Facebook Group By Selling Your Facebook Group

Selling  is an alternative to earn money . the price of the  Facebook Group will be decided on how many members are there in that group and how popular the group is .

you can approach to the people who are in you niche community or you can reach out people through Instagram, link den , twitter, etc.

9.Earn Money From Facebook Groups  By Earning Facebook Stars

You can earn money  from Facebook stars. Users Buy these stars and give this stars to Creator who is going live or he have gone live in past video..

This is best for creators who  regularly  go live, Game streamers , & individual creators.

10.Earn Money From  Facebook Group  By Facebook Paid Online Events

This best way  for People and Business moving in-person events, performances or online services .

In this you can arrange an  paid event  with the help of online event on Facebook.





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