Bharatpe Loan Apply up to 5 Lakhs 2022 September

If you are seeking for Loan With a popular online platform Then you are at a Right Please. Here comes  Bharatpe loan app. Nowadays every vendor or every small businesses have their own online QR scanner. That is Bharat pay QR scanner. Bharat pay also provide online loan for these  Small businesses. This app is very useful for this small businesses and it  Has given  Ease to opt for Bharatpe loan  as it has been  Trusted and Genuine  online platform for the small vendors.  Most of the new businesses try to apply for bharatpe  loan.  We will provide all the necessary information  In detail and explain each aspect  From applying for bharatpe loan to transferring money  in your bank account.

Bharatpe loan

Bharatpe loan summary

Bharati loan app Online payment app Which provide loan for the merchants and small business vendors. To opt for the Barrett payload you must have to use Bar PQR scanner . In barrel peak scanner hue scanner you must have to resume a certain amount in it. The certain Or more transaction made in your   Bharat P QR scanner , The higher amount of loan you can opt. All this process is online without any processing fees , With a  Nominal interest rates.

Eligibility criteria for bharatpe loan

Here are the some eligibility criteria for barrack pay loan please read it carefully . If the criteria does not match then you cannot Opt loan off bar pay. If some Documents or proof or it is Misleading then you May get rejected.

You should have a nationality of India

Your age should be of 20 years

You should have a valid bank account

You should have valid identity like adhar card or Pan card.

You should  Use bahartpe QR scanner , Having multiple transaction on it.

Valid  Income proof is required for it.


Documents required for Bharatpe Loan

  • Pan card
  • Addhar card
  • A valid bank account linked with Bhartpe
  • Income proof Off your bank account.
  • Online photograph of yourself  which is clicked from your phone camera .

How to apply for bharatpe loan

To apply for the barrel pay loan is  Is super simple Within a few minutes you can complete the loan application process. Once you meet the eligibility criteria you can move one step ahead for the application of loan.  You can idle apply bar payload from the official website or from the barrack pay app. Below are the some steps Required to opt loan.


1.Before applying for applying for Bharatpe loan  you must Have Barrett PQR scanner for your business and Ensure that Multiple amount of transaction are done .  This is the main factor which decide your loan amount

2. Then download and install the bar pay loan app. Or you can start with the bhartpe pay official website.

3. After the installation open the Bharat pay loan app and register  Yourself on the app.

4. For  Registering on app Enter your mobile number And verify it with the  Call sent to you.


5. Next upload the required document which is asked in  Bharat pay app. The document list is  Mentioned above.

6. After this fill the  Necessary detail about about your business and and other required things which is asked in bar pay app.

7. The loan amount which you are trying to opt will be will be provided to you based on your barred pay QR scanner transactions.

8. After completing all this process you will need to submit the  Form.

9. Bharat pay team bill you will review your Information eligibility criteria Within 10 to 15 days .

10. Wait for some days and you will be notified  that money will be transferred to your bank account if you get Approved .

Bharatpe loan  unknown benefits.

Earn money up to 12% on Bhartpe

If you Are user of Having Bharat pay Year comes an opportunity to earn money with battle pay. Your account money is invested invested in RBI approved NBFC partner. And your daily profits or interests is Credited it to your account . You can withdraw your interest money at any time anywhere.

Bharatpe  card

This card has a Feature of credit card and debit card with its benefits. You can get money credited upto 1 lakhs at 0% intrest for 30 Days. It is Free to use and even you can get 1% of Return Cashback from Bhartpe Card .

Get  Cash back on your bills

You can get a flat cash back of 100 rupees  on every bill payment. You can utilize this in your bills like phone bills ,electricity bills ,DTH etc

Bharatpe First Loyalty club for all Merchants

With Bharat pay loyalty club you can earn  Benefits from 10,000 to 20,000 Rupees on   Merchandise of cricket for free, Nill or 0% processing fees on loan. Rs 1000 off on Bharratswipes & Rs 500 on Baratpe Card .

Bharatpe Loan intrest Rates

Barrack pay charges interest  annually

The interest Rates May Range from 21% to 30% . The Amount of money in Rs. 10,000  – 10,00,000

Processing Fees is 0%- 2%.

Bharatpe Loan repayment Tenure

The Loan repayment tenure is about 3 to 6 months.



  1. What is Bharatpe Loan customer care number & Contact Details


2.What is the Bharatpe loan eligibility Criteria ?

As The Eligibility Criteria For Bharatpe loan is Mentioned above .But Revising it ,

You should have a nationality of India

Your age should be of 20 years

You should have a valid bank account

You should have valid identity like adhar card or Pan card.

You should  Use bahartpe  QR scanner , Having multiple transaction on it.

Valid  Income proof is required for it.


3. Bharatpe loan review


  • The app works Very Good with multiple features in it
  • Best For Small Business
  • loqb Facility Is Easy To Access  & very Affordable
  • Easy to take loans
  • decent interest  Rates


  • Easy Loan Processing System.
  • The UI is Changed Which has affected the loading time
  • there is no instant  Settlement option
  • it takes 1-3 Days to Receive  money

4. Bharatpe loan interest rate

The Loan Interest Rate is around 21% to 30% . for  Rs. 10,000  – 10,00,000


5. How to login in bharatpe

  • Download & Install Bharatpe App .
  • Fill Your Details which is required i.e. Your Business, Your Name, Mobile Number etc.
  • and Create Your Account with a User ID & Password .
  • At Every Login Enter You User ID & Password .

6.Can You Give Example that what are charges on Certain Amount of Loan?

Loan Amount: Rs. 2,00,000
Tenure: 6 months
Interest Rate (APR): 24% per year
Repayment Amount: Rs. 2,24,000
Total Interest Payable: Rs. 200,000 x 24%/12*6 (6 months) = Rs. 24,000
Processing Fees (incl. GST): Rs. 2,000
Disbursed Amount: Rs. 200,000 (Loan Amount) – Rs. 2,000 (Processing Fees) = Rs. 196,000
Total Amount Payable: Rs. 2,24,000 (EDI of 722)
Total Cost of the Loan: Interest Amount + Processing Fees = Rs. 24,000 + Rs. 4,000 = Rs. 26,000



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