How to earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

How to earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

If You are Seeking For an Extra Income Source without having a skills on Fiverr   You have Landed On Right Place .  If You are Internet Sensation  Person or have some Knowledge of Online World  you don’t have to get any high level Skills , Just simple Use of Some Common Software like (Microsoft word , Excel ) & Basic level of English can Work to Earn Your First Payment Without any Skills on Fiverr .

Lets see how you can Get your first project or work  , What are Pros ,Cons , Difficulty Faced By a Newbie , and Much more things in details

What is Fiverr ?

In Simple words Fiverr is a website which connects  Customers & Freelancers. People who place Requirement  To Get their Work Done By Freelancers Digitally and in return Pay them an Fixed Amount.

Example : If I have To Design A website I will go on Search Freelancers Who  Can Deliver it with a Legit Rate , & Quality Work . and Get it Done From it and instead of designing my Website I will Pay Him a Reward Which is Fixed . From That Reward will Take Small Percentage as a Fee which is about 20%.

There are tons of Easy Work which you can do  Lets See  How to earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills


How can i Earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

Here come the Part Where a Newbie Start Their Journey Too Earn Money From Fiverr without any Skills .

Earning Money on Fiverr is Super Simple there is not any Rocket Science behind It.

Following are Some Steps Explained to Start on Fiverr

  • To Get , First Go to and Signup there
  • To Complete Signup Process Fill all required Information Which is Asked from you On
  • Verify Your Country under Phone Verification ,Then Click on Verify Now. After that Your Country will be Verified Automatically By Tracing Your IP Address.
  • Verify your ID by SMS , Providing with a Valid Phone Number or You can also verify by By Call (option of call is provided if you comfortable with it ) .
  • Enter the Code Which you have Received on your Device in SMS List.


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Fiverr System Work in 2 types

1.Bidding System : Whoever Bids Lower Price on That Work will Win the Bid and the work will be Assigned to that Person with the price he/she have Bided on

2.Fixed System : In this System Person will Place Requirement of Work At Fixed Price and Other Freelancers Will Request to Get that Work at that Price , But Now The Person Who has Placed Requirement will Choose The Freelancer according to  him  & he will Assign work to that Freelancer .


What Are The Challenges Faced By Newbie’s & How can they Tackle them to earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

There are Many Problems which Newbie Face in Getting their 1st Work . But Most Common Problem is Getting Their First Dream work.

These Problems arise Due to Old Freelancer which Have their High Authority with Star Ratings Accounts . Seeing their Star Rating Accounts  & Their Reviews From their old Customers Drive more trust to New Clients to get their work done by High Authority Freelancers Account .   Due To this there  is Less Chance that Beginner will Get Work . This Demotivates Newbie’s to work on Fiverr .

But There is an Old Saying that Where there is a will there is a way .

There are More Problem But Still we have Solution to this problem , i.e.

1.You Can Buy an account which has Good Star Ratings (Generally Star Rating is out of 5 ) Try to Get one of the best rating account If Your Budget allows You .

There is no any Need of this account , But to get Projects Early with an Authority Account which Boosts Your Chances of Getting Client . You Can Go with this Solution

  1. This is a Long Process But this is Guaranteed Success Solution. You have To place Requirements of Work on From an Another account and you will select your Fiverr Freelancer account with very Cheap Price. Although you will see Best High Authority Freelancer Account Which will Request to Do your Work , But You should Grab that work from Your Freelancer Account . After you pay the Fees To your Freelancer account You Should Give 5 out of 5 Ratings to that Accounts Due to which that Account builds Authority . Repeat This Process For 4-5 Times & it will automatically Creates Chances To Get New  Clients . Just Few Money will be Required to Build Authority Account in

3.If You Have No Budget , But Still you are Struggling to Get work you have to make social Relationship ( Make Friends on  with Freelancers who are Having  the Peak Authority Account . These types of Freelancers Have Plenty Of Work to do which are High Cost Amount .Due to which they avoid doing Small Cost Work and Go For High Paying Freelancing work.  So What Can you Do is Try To Reach out them & Ask them if they can Give Small paying Work To you and instead of this work you can give Some Percentage of Your Profit. This Process may Take Time and may Work for you if you have any Friends on


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Here are Some Different  Ways To Earn Money From Fiverr without any High Skills



1. Bar code Making :

Now a Days Lots of You tubers , Digital Influences  Make Sponsorship Payments . What Can You Do here is Design a Creative Bar code  for these type of Digital Creators . These Bar codes Look Attractive and They Give a Professional Look . Each Digital Industry Varies , Different Design are Required . It Is Very Simple To Do it . There Very Low Completion in this Domain , There are Chances To Grow For a Long Run .    You can Start Bar code Designing from 1$ – 15$ Each.


2.Blog Commenting :

Blog Commenting is Nothing But a Person who Comments Bunch of Comments (As per the Requirement )  on Other websites Articles/Posts .what happen is that the website Build Authority in Goggles  Eyes  & there are Higher Chance to get Article on top page of Google. You Have Create Multiple Accounts or you Can Create a Group Of People Which will Do Commenting For You . and You Can Reward Them on Monthly Basis or You can do it on each comment . As per client Requirement

for Example: You Got an Order For 100 Blog Comments You just have to Deliver the Comments on that Article or Website . And You Can Charge Up to around  150-350 Rs or 1$-8$.


3.Proof Reading:

People Who Have Best Grip On English Language or Having Basic Knowledge Can Go For Proof Reading . In this Clients Will Put Requirement At a Certain Amount And You Have To Read That Article and Find If there is Any Grammatical Mistakes In it & if so then Correct it . But You can simplify This work with Software which available for Free . Like Grammarly  , Microsoft Word etc .You can Charge per Word or According Bunch of Articles .

 4.Logo Designer :

 you have observed that most of you tubers website  owner have  their own identity on internet in which Most of Digital influences , You tubers & Mostly Website Owner Requires to give a professional look to their Blog , or their Digital platform . here comes a opportunity for you  can Create  a logo as per their Requirement . as per India Digital Media Report , in INDIA 30%-70% People are Shifting Their Business Online and Tons  of small Business are Growing every Year . This small Business Needs A Pro look to get more Clients Convert to them and Sales can Be Generated .

Usually You Can Charge 700/Rs -9000/Rs If you are Beginner

If you are Professional You make around 10000/Rs -50000/Rs


5.Content Creation :

Now a days Most of People are content Consumer and very Less people are Content Creator.  To Provide Best Content To People is a strenuous work . as there is a Shortage Of  Content Creators ,and Very Few of them are There In This industry . The Only Thing You should have to Delivery Foremost Content is Creativity . People Like inventiveness content   .  If You Work with Salary Basis the Expected Amount Will Be around 1.8 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs .

It also Depends how many Years Experience do You Have with Contact Basis .


6.Data Entry Jobs :

People who are Running Businesses  Don’t Have Time To Account Their Minuet  Expenses , Income From Different Sources or any Other Information  . So they Handover this types of works to Freelancer Who Look After These works and Create a Proper Format of Soft Copy In Microsoft Excel in which they analyze the information Do Correction and Alterations if Required . these Freelancers are paid by hourly basis or either they are paid by project basis.

Example: If any client place a requirement of Data Entry of 50 pages for 25$ or he/she can hire by hourly basis 3$-7$ a hour . See which criteria suits you and try to bid with minimum price to get the work .

 7.Text to Video  Transcriber :

Most Of the YouTube Video Needs a Good and Adept Voice to Get More Views on That Channel & Reach to More Audience . But The Problem is Every People  Who Wants to start their YouTube Channel Does Not Have A mellifluous Voice or they are Mousy to Share Their Own Voice or they have multiple channels for which they want text to video transcriber  . That’s why here Hatch a Need Of Video Transcriber who can Do this work .

This Work did not needs Lofter  Skills You can Start with your Own  Voice By Recording in Recorder and then Compile it. Or The Easy Way but it can Cost a amount is Doing By an AI Software . There are Plenty Of Software With a Very Reasonable Rate . Once You Start Earning with This types of Project  The Software Will Be Very helpful for you and will provide Ease to complete project sooner .

In Text To Video Transcriber Can Charge from 1.25$ to 2.0$ Per Minute

8.Website Building :

Now you have Being Thinking that Website Building Might Feel  this is a brains storming work . But believe me this might take very few minutes as I have done this and Currently Perusing This Work. Just Go On YouTube  find How to Build a Website   watch the tutorial which is about 30- 45 Minutes Long Maximum.

1.You Have to Buy a Domain Name according To Your Topic or Nichce

2.Buy a Hosting plan , I would Suggest You To Go with Hostinger Because it Provides Very Good Hosting plans With Cheap Rates .

3.After Buying Hosting Connect Your Domain Name with Your Hostinger Hosting and Install Word press (Word press is a Best CMS System which Enable More Customization Option To You )

4.Set Password To Access Your Website and Booom! You have Successfully Created a Website  and Launched it .


   Some Important Things To Do For Building a website is

  • You Will Require SSL Certificate and Connect with Your Domain For Safety Purpose
  • You Have To Download Some Important Plugins (Plugins is nothing But a Small Tools in word press which you have to Install for More Customization To Your Website ) Rank math, Classic Editor , Social Media Sharing Buttons etc .
  • Now To Design Your Website You Have To Download a theme which Suits Your Niche ( The Topic Which You Will Write or Provide Information about it )Most Of the people Use Generate press Theme Which Melt in Every Topic .

Watch YouTube  Tutorial To get Clear Idea About it . Now Your Cost To Build a Simple Website may cost 75$+ and You Can Charge from 100$ or more As per the Requirement of clients .

9.Info Graphic Designer :

How to earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills

 Info Graphic Designer are the one who creates an Long Graphical image which symbolize Different Point in minuscule Word.  It Contains Graphical Objects Images & Wording in a Innovatory Manner. It is Used For Blog Articles, PPT’s and other informational  Resources which are Present on internet    . It Gives an Competence look and it also act as a Back link if we Work On it .

Generally An Average a Agency Can Charge Up to 500$ – 1600$ For One Info graphic. But as a Beginner you can Charge 10$-50$ According to Your  Skill Level .

Beginners can Start With Which has more than 100+ Template In Each Category, and Provides More Customization Option in it

10.Social Media Post Creator:

 Many Of the People have Less Time or they Feel Laziness To Create ANY Post on their Social Media Account any Fan Page Account. There are Freelancers Who create These Types of post according to their Expertise in their Niche . It is Not A tough Work you just have to make Awesome Post in which it Should Contain Image & Some Sort of Powerful Words. You can Make this on CANVA.COM and Take Customization ideas From there.

Freelancers Charge From  2$-7$ For a Normal Post .



What Are the Pros & Cons of How to earn Money on Fiverr without any Skills?



Higher Chances to Get Work

Get an Extra Income source

No need to go in the office Work with your Time any where Any time

Your Work is not Limited , There New Projects placing at each minutes on Fiverr

Best Customers support



Beginners May find onerous To Satisfy Work

There is lots of Competition To Get Fiverr Gigg

It may Raise their commission rates without any consent as written in fiverr policy

Newbie may Find Tough To Get a Fiverr Gigg

Your work Is not stable , Income can stretch or deviate Month to Month.





Congratulations to you If You are at the End of this Article Because You Have Take A step Forward For Income Source and Very Few of them are Serious About it . .Hope You have Got the information About How to Earn Money on fiverr Without Having any Skills. If You are School or college Students Once You Should Try Fiverr Freelancing, Most Of Us have Begin Freelancing. Do Read All the Content which is provided above and Start Implementing Them from Today. If you are Confused or having any Query Related Fivrer Freelancing Just Comment Down Below. Happy To Help You .




1.Can You work on Fiverr With No Experience ?

Yes, If you have Basic Knowledge Of English & some Easy Software’s(Microsoft word, Excel)  you can  probably Make an Deal With Clients On

2.What Is the Easiest Job On Fiverr?

As I mentioned Above Article

  • Bar code Making
  • Blog Commenting
  • Content Creation
  • Website Builder
  • Proof Reader
  • Social Media Post Creator
  • Info graphic Designer
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Logo
  • Text video Transcriber



3.How Do i Attract Customers ON fIverr?

To Attract Customers on Fiverr You Have To Over Deliver the Customer Needs like,

  • You should offer a more value in your work
  • Complete the work before time
  • Give a Brief Description About Your Work
  • You Can Provide a Discount On Your Work
  • Provide unlimited revision in your work
  • Provide testimonials of your previous work if you have any


4.Why Am I Not Getting any Orders On Fiverr?

This may be because of

  • If you are new to fiverr you may have low authority
  • People like to work with freelancers who already have experience or having an best star ratings on
  • You may lack in communication with clients .


5.How can I Make $3000 a Month On Fiverr?

All freelancers on do not make this much amount it may vary time to time , as it also depends up on how much Skills do you have and the professionalism in it . But Dig out new projects & try to stick with the clients who may provide  high paying  work . this can be a way to earn $3000.

6.How Does Fiverr Pay In India ?

There is nothing different systems of payouts as everywhere country it is same but it has  small difference of currencies or fiverr commissions rates.

The normal commission rate is 20% , if you get 15$ work you will get 12$ & 3$ will be taken by as a commission . the commission rates may rise without an consent(as per fiverr policy) .

7.Which Skills Is Best On Fiverr ?

On my experience these are  skills that are getting  high demands day by day are mentioned below

  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development
  • Seo Auditing
  • App Developing
  • Running Face book Ads Campaigns

8.Is Fiverr better Than Other Freelancing Platforms?

Fiverr is a best Platform and It is Growing Tremendously  More Freelancers are Preferring Fiverr , but The other platform which are more comfortable than fiverr are up work , we work etc. At last  Upwork Seems To Be Better Than Fiverr.   As More and More Competition  is Arising on Fiverr as Compared To Other Freelancing platform .

9.What Are The Fiverr Fess?

Generally Fiver Works on Commission Basis Which is about 20% for each Fiverr Gig.

10.How Do I grow on Fiverr?

Today Growing on fiverr is hard but not impossible . You Have To Constantly Seek Of Work Opportunity . Be Consistent Reach out More Clients Ask For a Good Review Due to which More Clients Can Be Attracted .  Read Above Article Care Fully For Detailed Information in which Work Getting Chances Increases .





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