How to Sell Clothes Online on Amazon ,Meesho ,Myntra


How Much Can you Earn From Selling Clothes Online???


You have been Thinking or thought that How to sell Clothes Online or how much revenue can you generate by selling clothes online .It dependents upon  if you are selling your own brands clothes or other company’s clothes as a affiliate.then you might have a Rough Idea About How to sell Clothes Online

There are Different factors  which effect the selling of clothes online like the  Quality of clothes,  Designs, Targeted Marketing of your clothes  etc. Let see how we Earn money by selling clothes online.

How to sell Clothes Online
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IF I have  Own clothes How much money can i Earn from it???

Well your clothes quality & marketing plays a vital role for you revenue .Lets Assume that you have sold some threads  i.e. ( Clothes) to your customers  but there are Cloth quality defects like Puckering,  Open seams, Untrimmed threads  etc.

this will unsatisfied  your  Customer which will negatively  Effect your Business. Keep in mind that  Cloth quality matters a lot.

Now your cloth is ready to put on frame , but without marketing of your Clothes it’s tough to sell your thread  i.e.  (Clothes) , Here comes the role of marketing  .

In your marketing  Ads copy , Ads creative represents your products . For that collect the best of your clothes, grab a snap of it , create  a perfect tag line  and start marketing  on various platforms .

Very popular platforms you can do marketings are Google , YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.


 If we Don’t have our own Clothes  How much money can we Earn from it ???

If we don’t have our own cloth we can still earn money  by promoting other brand  clothes as a promoter  i.e. (Affiliate Marketing). Affiliate marketing is super easy Thing to do. In this you have to be an affiliate of that company like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho  etc. You Can Promote this by Organic  Method Or by Paid Method .

Organic Method (No Money Needed)

This is method is adopted where there is scarcity of money or lacking  financially .

In Organic method you have to crate pages on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram , Link den  or  by creating Your own Blog on that Niche .

Start posting you product related images , information  via Videos, Reels .

On initially  moment you have follow some genuine customer  which are interested in your product.after some time start promoting your product in that link. This method will  take some time but thiswill teach How to sell Clothes Online &  also an effective way to earn revenue .

How to sell Clothes Online
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How Much You Can Earn By Selling Clothes From Paid Google marketing ??

Google is very  Effective  in marketing as it is been for me , Google has different types of  ads like Search Ads, Banner Ads , Interstitial Ads , Native Ads , Smart Ads etc.

Mostly I use Search ads & Banner ads.  In Google Ads you have invest money in ads which you want and place  where you want .

Case study of my Google Marketing & how much you can earn

Client product : sleeves , T-shirt.

Cost of  1 T-shirt: 20$

Total  no of sold Pieces: 6112

Total money invested: 48343$

Total Revenue Generated : 122,240$


Now you have seen how much potential there is in Google Ads, if you have  your own product  to sell then from my experience you can get up to 50-60% Return  on your investment  on Google Ads .

How Much You Can Earn By Selling Clothes From Paid YouTube Marketing???

YouTube Ads is  a part of Google Ads . YouTube  has a serious Audience  Base , & most of  the ads are  video ads , image Ads. In YouTube  ads the  ad  should be catchy or grab the attention of the User .

If the click on ads they will be redirected to  your products  & the higher is the probability to Buy your product. it is a proven way to Earn money by selling clothes online.

My Experience & how much can you earn from YouTube Marketing

Product : Zara T-shirts

Cost of  1 piece: 23.40$

Total pieces Sold:  2319

Total Money Invested: 14543$

Total Revenue Generated :  54264.6$


Now from my experience  there are chances to get 60-70% Return  or even more on your YouTube Marketing  investment.

How Much You Can Earn By Selling Clothes From Paid Facebook Ads Marketing??

Facebook  Ads  is my Favorite  marketing platform , because as compared to other platform in this platform  the amount of investment is less & the output , efficiency is more .

The amount of investment  depends which country you want to show your ads, How much money are you ready to pay for which age , for which gender you want to show your ads.

Facebook Ads have  very detail marketing option  which How to sell Clothes Online by using other platform which does not have Results  , this is the specialty of  the Facebook  ads. Best way to Earn money by selling clothes online on Facebook.

Before starting your Facebook ads you have to create your business account & verify it .

Case study Of  my Product

Product Name:  Adidas Sleeveless Tops

Price of 1 piece: 22$

No of Pieces sold:  5345

Total Amount invested: 17467$

Total Revenue  Generated : 117,590$


The you invest totally depends upon Cpc  i.e. ( Cost per Click) &  Cpm. i.e. ( Cost per 1000 View)

For Ex  if your ad got 1000 then your cpm will be 2-5 $ on an average . Cpc  generally can be 1- 5$ on an average . this much amount can be deducted on you ads when some one click or See How to sell Clothes Online with your ads. From my work Experience you can approximately earn 80-90 % Return on the amount you invested in your Facebook ads.Earn money by selling clothes online.

How Much You Can Earn By Selling Clothes From Instagram Marketing???


Instagram can also help you to promote you products. 130 Million  active user are there all over the world .

Instagram promote shopping content and advertiser are ready to pay 0.20$  to 6$ per CPC , 0.25 to 7 $ on an average .

first you have to create Instagram page related to your product and start posting you product images , Videos & Reels .

Reels is the most effective thing on Instagram to reach out more customer and follower .you can promote it by Organic Marketing Or Paid Instagram Marketing ,How to sell Clothes Online

My Product Case study

Organic Method ( No money needed in this marketing)

Product Name : Nike Shoes

Time invested : 2 months

Work done for this product:   Regular posting images, Reels, & promoting brand                .                                                link in Instagram page.

Total Pieces Sold: 43

One Pair  Price : 58$

Income Generated : 2494$

Paid  Instagram Marketing

Product Name : Nike Shoes

Total pieces Sold:  734

One Shoes Price: 58$

Income Generated : 42,572$

Total Money Invested : 20,346$


As you seen the potential between   Organic Marketing &Paid  Marketing you have got the idea . From my case study you can say almost you ean earn approximately 60 to 70 %  Return .I hope now you have learn that How to sell Clothes Online.








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