As TARGET Stock Shown Fall down 14%-15% Before the Bell Opened 

Seeing this Performance of TARGET Others Stocks like Macky's ,Khol's, Walmart  Plunged 2-5% 

TARGET was Some Where Affected From Stellar Q3 Sales & Profit

TARGET Shared Income Report  714$ Million Net Income or we Can Say Approx 1.55$ Per Share 

TARGET  Told that they will be saving the budget of Total $2 Billion to $4 Billion in Upcoming 3 Years

According to Factset Information TARGET HIT 2.67% Hike in Sales & 12.7% Growth Previous Year .

Income Margins was 3.7% in 2022 &  7.8% in 2021 

Seeing Down-trend in Profit Margin TARGET Predcited that..

It May Find Difficult To Plan Next Sales in Q4

TARGET Stock Investors May Find Diffult To Invest In Further Movements...