67% of investors has  invested in this IPO ,Which is launched today

This Ipo Company Has Annoued that It Has Got Funding Of 262.11 Corers From Anker Investers at its Launch . some text

This anker investors are Goverment of Singapore ,HDFC Prudential , Mutual Find , Nippon life India, Aditya Birla Sun life ,Kotak Mutual Fund etc.

Fill in some text

This IPO Has kept 881 Corers Shares to Sell ,From Rs 285-300 Rupees.

 Retail Investors has invested more than 1.1 X Times ,58 % Shares was Accquired by them

This IPO is Bikaji Foods IPO .With 500 Cr Turnover

Bikaji Foods Company Networth has increased 14.39% ,With increase in assests of 18.87%

As Per Expert Analysis it has medium Inflation Rate , It may Maintain This Price in long Run

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But Experts Advice is that , it is bit costly but can take Risk with Low Amount .